After Adopting a Pet, Family Finds Out That Their Rare Dog Turns Out To Be a…

Aside from having children, another way families grow is by having a pet. Some say it’s an expensive investment, but most people will agree that they are worth it! So when this certain family brought home a puppy, they were overjoyed and excited that an adorable pet was joining their family. But eventually, they felt scared because they found out that their newest member was not like other dogs.


The mother of the household, Su Yun, was a hardworking woman. She spent most of her life taking care of her family, which comprises of her husband and two children. Their home is located in a southwest province in Kunming City, China.
Su Yun decided to add a new member to their family, so they adopted a pet. Having a pet is a big change for families, as some people need to get a loan to finance it, but for Su Yun, it placed their family in the spotlight and drastically changed their lives.


The family went on a vacation, and while walking, they saw a litter of adorable puppies for adoption. Her children had been asking for a dog for a long time, but she always refused. The costs of having a dog may lead anyone to bankruptcy if they are not prepared.
So Su Yun was about to tell them no, but a particular puppy caught her eye. Since she knew they could afford to add a new member to their family, she agreed to adopt this puppy. No one could have predicted that this little one would land them on the headlines.


The puppy that Su Yun chose was a rare breed. According to the person who sold the puppies, the furball was a Tibetan Mastiff, a large breed of dog that might grow more than two feet and weight up to 180 pounds – that’s similar to the weight of an adult male!
Their family was fine with that, and we’d be surprised if they were able to pay using a credit card. Now that this dog was officially part of their family, they named it “Little Black.” This was because he had black fur, and it was ironic since they knew he would become a huge dog.


Little Black joined the family for the rest of the vacation, and then they went home. The first thing they did was to determine whether to let Little Black stay indoors or live outdoors. Even if the climate in Kunming City was excellent for pets to be kept outside, Su Yun decided to keep their newest member indoors. We hope their flooring is durable enough to accommodate pets.
Similar to other healthy dogs, Little Black adjusted to his new home. He had a healthy appetite and got comfortable quickly. But eventually, the family noticed that there was something different about their dog.


The person who sold Little Black was right; this puppy would not stay small. This dog continues to grow, as well as his appetite. Little Black ate two buckets of noodles and a box of mixed fruits per day. We hope Su Yun has excellent money management skills to afford taking care of this growing dog.
It was a strange diet, but this was the first time their family owned a pet. They wouldn’t have known that most dogs would get sick if they ate noodles or fruits. Eventually, Little Black was consuming large amounts of food — and he was only one year old!


It’s amazing that Su Yun didn’t file for bankruptcy, given that she spent a fortune on feeding Little Black’s never-ending appetite. At first, they were glad that their newest member was growing, but they noticed it was becoming out of hand.
When Little Black was two years old, he was three feet tall and weighed 250 pounds, which was more than the dog seller predicted. Aside from spending a ton on Little Black’s meals, the family had other things to worry about after finding other strange things about their dog.


The dog seller did say that Tibetan Mastiffs could weight more than 180 pounds, so Little Black’s size might not be a big shock. So what really shocked Su Yun is a strange sighting in their kitchen.
During one afternoon, Su Yun went into their kitchen and found Little Black standing and upright on his hind legs. It shouldn’t be a surprise since some dogs could stand on their hind legs but only for a short time. Su Yun was shocked because Little Black was standing the same way humans do. Whether you have a dog training degree or not, you probably know that this is not normal.


Standing upright would have been awesome if it’s just a dog trick. But Little Black often does it, as if it’s second nature to him. Su Yung repeatedly saw their pet standing on its hind legs, and this started to worry and scare her, considering that there were other peculiarities.
She also noticed that Little Black had large teeth, which she thought was normal since Tibetan Mastiffs were gigantic and would have huge teeth that matched their size. Su Yun also noticed the changes in his facial features, such as his snout becoming more pronounced, but she was still in denial. Maybe she’ll find it strange when Little Black wouldn’t stop growing, and she needed to have roof repair done.


Su Yun was worried about their ever-growing pet, but her children were happy getting attention for having the biggest dog in their neighborhood. The people in their area were talking and hearing about this peculiar pet.
Everyone would peer out their windows when the family took Little Black on walks. Imagine seeing a dog grow bigger almost every time you see it pass by. Their roofing was in trouble, given that Little Black became too large for their home. The family decided to set up a makeshift dog house outdoor to accommodate Little Black.


Su Yun was able to look past Little Black’s size and teeth, but they were worried about his temper. He kept lashing out at them, and fortunately, no one got hurt. The family was just scared of how Little Black was acting.
During this time, Su Yun also noticed that he never barked, which was weird, especially since he was two years old. They did hear him make a noise, a growl, but it was different from a dog’s growl. You don’t need a music degree to differentiate a dog’s growling noise to a growl that sounded like a roar.