Why It Took This Pregnant Dog a Long Time To Give Birth Will Shock You

What appeared on the ultrasound seemed impossible. The veterinarian double-checked to see if there was anything wrong. In disbelief, she counted a second time. The number turned out to be the same and she was in complete shock. She immediately talked to the owners of the dog to inform them what was happening.

Time to make a choice

Chris and Mariesa were hoping to adopt a dog to join their family. Perhaps after dog-proofing their home and flooring, they headed to a shelter to look for one that would be the best companion for them. Mariesa only wanted to take one home, but she had a hard time choosing among all the dogs that were available for adoption. Each dog wanted to be adopted and go home to a loving family, and Mariesa had a difficult choice to make. Ultimately, after taking many factors into consideration, she finally saw the dog that they were looking for.

A bun in the oven

The dog that caught Mariesa’s attention approached the couple and licked their hands. They also found out that she was very pregnant. The dog had the sweetest eyes, almost as if asking them to take her into their warm, loving insurance-covered home. While it may have been love at first sight for Mariesa and the pregnant dog, there was something that made Mariesa and Chris think long and hard about the final decision they were going to make. Is this really the dog they wanted to introduce to their family? Is this dog really suitable for the lifestyle that they follow? Many questions brewed in the couple’s mind.

The dog was bred and then surrendered to the shelter

The dog, as loving and sweet as she appears, actually had a sad backstory. Mariesa grew emotional after hearing the story of the dog, which was named Storie. When she was still a puppy, Storie lived with a backyard breeder. However, the breeder decided to abandon her and her puppies after realizing how expensive it would be to take care of them all. Credit cards would be used up for medication, food, and other things the dog and her puppies might need. The breeder probably realized how costly it would be to raise that many dogs at once.

Bringing Storie into their home

Eventually, Mariesa and Chris knew it would be the right thing to do to take back Storie to their home and shower her and her puppies with the love and comfort they deserve. Storie and her puppies would be delighted to be cared for in a good home with proper roofing, where they can sleep soundly and play safely. However, the transition wouldn’t be that easy for everyone and Storie’s sad tale did not end there. The couple was astounded to hear what the veterinarian told them next. It was the kind of news that would change their lives forever.

The couple was a lover of pit bulls

Chris and Mariesa are fans of the pit bull breed. As a matter of fact, they were already proud parents of several pit bulls. Back in their home, ten of this lovely breed were waiting for them to come home with Storie. They also had other dog breeds in their home, but a majority of those were pit bulls. Being the owners of a lot of dogs, Chris and Mariesa probably had a large home with a spacious backyard for these large dog breeds to run around. Also, it is quite possible that they have installed home security to check on their dogs when they’re away.

The dog “megabed”

Seeing that they have a lot of dogs, Chris and Mariesa also thought that it was better to have a large bed where all their dogs can sleep soundly together. In an interview with TODAY, Chris said that all of their dogs want to sleep on the bed and at times, because of their number, it can get messy. “We end up being pushed off of the bed or sleeping on the couch. So we built the mega bed,” Chris said during the interview. Instead of spending their investment money on separate beds, they built this custom bed that is 14 feet long and 7 feet wide.

Loving parents to their dogs

Chris and Mariesa were passionate about their love for animals, especially dogs. In an interview, Mariesa shared that she broke up with her previous boyfriends because they did not understand her love for dogs and her dream of having a lot of dogs as part of her family. Having pets, especially large dog breeds, is a huge responsibility for any dog owner. It may entail serious money management just to be able to cover all the necessary expenses from food to grooming to healthcare. Other people may think its too much, but Mariesa didn’t care as long she’s able to give the best life to her dogs.

Here comes Chris

Chris proved to be different from the other men Mariesa dated in the past. Chris shared her passion and love for dogs and he considered himself to be a dog person himself. Their mutual love and respect for dogs strengthened their relationship over the years. They immediately clicked and they both agree that they wanted a lot of dogs in their family. Home insurance and mortgage rates for a large home wouldn’t be an issue as both shared the same passion for caring for this furry breed. Look at that sweet photo of the couple and their dogs.

Friendly faces in rescue homes

A lot of rescue centers and animal shelters are taking care of a lot of dogs but have too little resources to rely on. As much as they want to care for every dog that is sent their way and give them the best possible care they need, oftentimes, they do not have the means to do so. Although some generous hearts make investments to fund these centers, not all get the resources they need. When Chris and Mariesa were in search of a new dog to adopt, they stopped by Pibbles & More Animal Rescue and noticed a common trend among the dogs at the center.

Life-changing experience

The couple was overwhelmed with so much joy when they arrived at Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, it was almost as if they were taken to the perfect place. They immediately noticed that a great number of the dogs in the shelter were from one breed: pit bulls. As mentioned earlier, Chris and Mariesa were fans of the said breed, so the shelter was a dream come true. They had a lot of fun interacting with the dogs at the shelter. To their credit, the dogs were well-mannered and friendly, defeating the common misconception that pit bulls are an aggressive breed.