These Hilarious Wedding Photos Will Spare You From A Lot Of Trouble In Your Own Wedding

For almost all people here on earth, their wedding is the most memorable day of their lives. Some even have simulated this event on their head thousands of times just to make sure it would turn out perfectly on the day itself. This is the main reason why some resort to getting loans in the bank just so they can have their dream wedding come into place. Well, this is very understandable given the social pressure they get from their peers, right?

However, no matter how much effort you put into this event, things will not go as smoothly as what you expect them to be, just like these photos below. Nevertheless, you still are left with an option to find a silver lining out of these, anyway.


This bride and her groomsmen are undeniably fans of Dragonball Z as they Kamehameha wave this fun wedding photo. This creative pose wouldn’t be possible without friends who agree to do it with you, so we need to give credit to their groomsmen for being so game just to create this iconic photo.


To some degree, fuchsia pink flowers showered in the water while you walk down the “aisle” carrying your bouquet is something unique for a wedding, but whatever happened in this photo surely makes Everything unforgettable. Maybe it’s not a really good idea to walk on water, though. So choose wisely, ladies.


Although it’s been more than a decade since Where’s Waldo became a hit, this couple took Waldo to their wedding day. They might have had a happy memory completing the puzzles together at home or in school just to find where Waldo is. Interestingly, whoever this idea is from is brilliant. Credits to whoever made it even a thing in the first place.


Call the attorney, I’m getting a divorce! Definitely not what the groom thought he was going to find on his wedding day. This hilarious photo did not only make everyone laugh on their wedding day but made rounds online too. Who would expect to find huge grandma panties from your oh-so-hot bride? Definitely not this guy.


Please don’t get my money management wrong but, I bet all our money, it took him a while to figure out whose leg that was. This photo shows there are so many ways to prank your husband on your wedding day. Bring the whole family into the plan, and you’re ready to go. Just don’t forget to make sure every moment is captured and make this hilarious photo a remembrance of a lifetime.


For sure, not all couples would say yes to walking down a muddy aisle, but this couple did, and it looks like it’s not just them who went on with the plan. Their bridesmaids at the back are sure having a lot of fun. Make sure to make an investment in a lot of whitening and dry cleaning at the end of the ceremony, though.


Fore! Make sure to hit the ball, honey. In the meantime, this couple is definitely the perfect match for their wedding photo at the golf course. We do think this photo is hilarious, but if anything goes wrong, we hope they don’t call their lawyer or go to the hospital. Nevertheless, couples never run out of unique ideas to do for their wedding.


This Jurassic Park inspired photo was one of the best. Whether the couples were both avid dinosaur fans or are just looking for something memorable to add to their wedding memento, who would’ve thought a huge T-rex would photobomb your wedding photo? Credit to their mad photoshop skills, this an epic photo anyone could ever ask for.


That feeling when you’re the only single one in the group. Anyone who sees this photo can’t help but laugh. But of course, this photo is important too when he finally finds the love of his life. No pressure at all. Being single and waiting for the right person is a good investment for your time anyway, so take your time for the wedding bells soon.


He just unlocked a new level and beat his personal best. If you’re an avid Xbox gamer, then this Xbox achievement is the best custom achievement you will ever see. It also spurred dozens of other weddings who used this as part of their own. While nothing can top the original, you can still make an Xbox achievement to a certain degree and make it your own.