Top Fake-Reality Shows On TV

So we all love a good show. Especially ones that give us access to the actual life of some people we know or interesting people or family the public will be curious to watch on screen. With the growth of this fad, more and more are willing to open their lives to the public for different and various reasons they have. Sometimes though, while claiming they’re real, some feel the need to spice up the show to stir up the drama; hence it becomes scripted. As some become to a great degree.

South Beach Tow

A famous cultural icon, Bernice, gives us boisterous fun in this show by doing just everything extreme on the streets. She has pulled car doors off with bare hands and even fell out of parking structure and survived only to apprehend a violator minutes later. But we know, there’s no way these could be real for someone to just be extremely reckless and get away with it. Nah-uh, even if its recklessness not exactly to this show’s degree, no one gets by circumstances like that free and entertaining.

Duck Dynasty

This wholesome Robertson family, who are based in Louisiana, are famous for their skill in making ‘duck call’ tools. It is claimed that almost all Robertson relatives have assumed character credits in this show. But, a concern has sprouted about how the producers manipulate the show by drumming up storylines and how they empower the team to add ‘bleeps’ when family members aren’t even swearing.

Undercover Boss

Now is the time where most companies are developing the culture of giving all their under-the-radar workers or employees credit for their excellent efforts in the workplace. In this show, bosses of various companies go undercover to see how their workers do at the work front. They also take the opportunity as a learning process for them to see how their systems go and what needs to be changed in the way they carry out their operations and business. However, reports of the show being scripted sprouted and that promises of bosses made to various workers weren’t actually kept.

Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn is a family-run business in Detroit’s rough 8 Mile. When they featured running the shop in a reality show, it has focused more on the drama of the life of the Gold family running the business. In the show, you’ll see a good amount of strange clients coming to the shop daily. Also, it features some of the instances where clients’ arguments seemed too unbelievable. Because some of the people featured in the show did claim that they are! A lot of those featured client’s confessed that their concerns were staged, and for a short show credit, I guess some of them didn’t mind being casted in. After all, who doesn’t want to be on T.V., right?

Project Runway

The popular show, Project Runway, despite the degree of popularity, is not exempted from being labeled “fake.” There have been multiple contestants who have publicly spoken about falsified information as a basis for judging. Included were contestants who took concerns to the public were Jack Mackenroth and Daniel Esquivel. One concern mainly refers to Esquivel’s, who claims that the producers have somewhat allegedly set up the show to dramatize contestants to appear extreme.

Cake Boss

Cake Boss, celebrity chef Buddy Valastro’s very own baking show, has quickly grown to become a reality show sensation of some degree in the U.S. His viewers enjoyed so much the elaborate cake designs created by his team. However, stories circulated that the things shown on T.V. weren’t as dramatic as portrayed. There are even accounts saying how, Valastro, himself, is reportedly not actually in the cake shop when they aren’t filming. Also, some of the ‘reality’ show’s events aren’t also real.

Ghost Hunters

A phenomenal show called Ghost Hunters broke out over the last few years and got millions of viewers hooked. In fact, this show takes the credit, especially for some successful shows that were spawned from its initial creation. Although, many accuse the show as being scripted. As in the case of manager Donna Lacroix, who went public through an interview and essentially stripped the show of its authenticity.

The Jerry Springer Show

The popular outlandish show, The Jerry Springer Show has been one of the most outrageous programs to ever grace television. It’s a bit too much for a show featuring situations that may be too personal and overly confrontational for the public to be a part of. However, many are entertained and just hooked. However, the storylines of the guests were issued to be somehow exaggerated and completely untruthful by any means. Who would ever sign-up to be interviewed in that show? We mean, maybe one would, but not the degree the show goes.

Storage Wars

When former Storage Wars star David Hester got fired, he completely blew fans’ minds by divulging how the show is scripted. Based on Hester’s public admission, the items found in the lockers were actually set up. Also, many of the show’s auction was actually staged acts as ordered by the producers. So also are the interviews conducted with cast members being scripted. Well, we feel sorry for Hester, it does sound like a bad show to be credited for anyway.

Jersey Shore

When Jersey Shore first hit the screens in the year 2009, it has bedazzled and became a highly influential show in America. It featured eight tanned males and females who are self-confessed Italian Americans. Although even before they were casted in for credits to the show, the casts were friends in real life already before they are on screen. Being friend off cam though doesn’t necessarily mean that the show will be clear of falsehood. Just like the other fake-reality shows, this show’s production team plans what will happen in the next episodes. Oh well, what is that they say, better come prepared, right?