Bad T-Shirt Messages

Our clothes are our personal forms of expression, and what better way to express ourselves even more than with a clever one-liner, right? A brief but concise message printed on a T-shirt can be powerful if done right, but if not, you might want to hire a lawyer who can help you get your money back on such an embarrassing purchase. You can scour the farthest and deepest parts of the Internet to find all those T-shirt-fails you probably skipped on social media, or you can go through our own collection of the funniest ones we discovered for your personal amusement!


We can’t truly claim we are done with school until we get to college, but no matter how many student loans a lot of us apply for just to get into college and to stay in it, not a lot of us make use of what we learn from there. Take the girl in the picture below for example; she seriously needs to review her spelling if she wants to get her degree. She does look like she’s enjoying life in college, but it’s probably better not to let her parents know that she only likes college for the nightlife, alright?


We are not afraid to flaunt our assets if we got them, and this girl is definitely not shy to take credit for her own God-given physique with a statement tee that could make anyone else feel bad. With a top like that on, she should have an easy time socializing, should she not? She probably would not, since whoever is cursed with the misfortune of reading the message on her shirt should have skin that is thicker than an attorney trapped in a highly contested court trial. If you just so happened to be that thick-skinned, we wish you all the best!


The girl in the picture below is basically an open book. Her shirt explains it all for us anyway, but we wonder what fate befalls her once she does get intoxicated. Does she know what to do after downing a couple of shots? Maybe she brought an extra shirt with her to the party in case anything happens, or maybe she simply removes it. That surely does not require the attention of a lawyer now, should it? We do have to give the girl some credit for being pretty blunt about how she wants her night to play out.


She does not look like any particular Hollywood celebrity that comes to mind, but her icy blond locks and her pink tank top does help her blend well with other California girls trying to land a career in reality TV. We did not even have to say it out loud; we know that you have thought about it, too. Whether earning showbiz credits by appearing on reality TV is a great investment move on her part, we can’t help but wonder why there is an owl printed in place of the ‘o’ in the word ‘almost’ scrawled on the top.


Technology has made such an impact on our daily lives that it has also greatly influenced pop culture and fashion where just about anything can be printed onto a T-shirt. Unfortunately, older generations may have a difficult time grasping the concept of technology, so they might not even understand where the graphic on the tee below comes from. That could be good for the girl wearing the shirt in question; her parents and older relatives would not ask about it unless they do understand the technology and maybe decide to take a few online classes to get with the times.


The messages we read on many T-shirts do not necessarily have to make sense all the time, but in the case of this particular statement tee, it seems to imply that the girl’s boyfriend knows that she has donned this top for the night and is probably somewhere nearby. He may not take her seriously enough since he probably thinks this is just a joke. Maybe she thinks that it is a joke as well, or maybe she did plan to lead him on to keep thinking that way. We have to give her credit for leading us on as well.


Did the man getting arrested in the photo below intentionally wear this shirt in case he broke some law? We do hope he gets a lawyer who can bail him out of whatever mess he got himself into, but we have to give the man credit for planning his outfit ahead. If this was all just a coincidence though, fate sure has its work cut out for today. He could also probably just love this shirt so much that it is some sort of uniform to him. No matter why he got arrested while wearing this top, he is surely not joking.


Maybe the men in the picture below are truly huge fans of the hit singer. Maybe they figured out how to attract as many lovely female Beliebers as they can, or they are just two big losers of a ridiculous bet. Whatever their reason is for donning these shirts, we have to give them credit for being brave enough to sport pink statement tees like these with dignity and comically humiliating faces. Most guys would be embarrassed to even step out of their homes clad in such tops, but not these guys. The guy on the right seems really happy to be there.


This statement tee was never meant to be a jab at everyone’s favorite Disney mouse couple Mickey and Minnie Mouse. For those who are not aware of who deadmau5 is, he is a recognized Canadian electronic DJ, and the man in the photo below is merely wearing one of the DJ’s merchandise. The mouse-shaped insignia by which many of his fans and contemporaries and colleagues in the industry have come to know him by looks so much like the Mickey Mouse emblem that Disney called their best trademark attorneys and tried to bring him to court but with little success.


Floundering in a swamp might request some cash loans for repairs, and with a shirt like this one, the message printed on it only seems to rub more salt in the wound. He probably planned all of this just to show the world his clever timing through this picture. If he did not plan this out, then it is a pretty cool coincidence for him to have sported this tee when he went to ride on the boat with his friends, or his friends end up in situations way too often for him to not pass up the chance to wear a top like this.