Bodyguards of Famous Celebrities Who Would Look Good On Magazine Covers

Most celebrities, especially famous ones, can’t go anywhere without their bodyguards. Being away from their service might mean chaos and could be dangerous for them. With the aggressive advances of paparazzi, these very important people should at least have somebody to guide them through the crowd and maintain the distance from camera operators or fans.

Some big names in Hollywood are famous for what they do, as well as for acclaims and honors they have received. Others became popular because of their newest project or their latest feat. But also, at the same time, some are noted for their good-looking bodyguards. Oh yes! Some of these service guards are as hot and good-looking as the celebrity clients they serve. In fact, some have already posed for photoshoots while some for sure have received offers from modeling agencies. We take you inside these celebrities’ staff and give you a closer look at the qualities that make us swoon! We can’t believe we’re saying this, but we’re giving the paparazzi credits for capturing these juicy snaps of the famed celebrity bodyguards. So, let’s get to know them now!


American TV personality, socialite, and businesswoman Kylie Jenner isn’t only internationally-famous for being an influencer, a reality TV star, or for her cosmetic business, making her one of the world’s youngest billionaires. She is also credited for having one hunky and a good-looking bodyguard named Tim Chung. In the past, Chung served Kylie’s half-sister Kim Kardashian, but have now worked for Kylie. We have been informed that he has long been in the service of the Kardashian-Jenner family. However, today, this handsome policeman is slowly getting attention and becoming a star in the fashion industry. In fact, Chung has already shown up for photoshoots and commercial shoots for luxury cars. Indeed, it’s quite a turnout for him— and it’s definitely well-deserved!


The bodyguard Gu Rubee is guarding The Perks of Being a Wallflower star Ezra Miller. Since he was hired into service, Miller’s bodyguard has caught the attention of many. Yes, even of the paparazzi and fans for being such an exceptional and handsome person who could pass for a star himself. Miller, who only broke through into the spotlight in his 2008 credit role in the film Afterschool, couldn’t just hire someone normal. He truly lived up to his mysterious persona by going for Gu Rubee, who can’t help but steal away mass attention with his extravagant style and bright character. Since he’s served Miller, Gu Rubee has also attracted many fashionistas. Actually, we wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days he’d get an exclusive interview or be given a big Hollywood break!


The famous Boy Who Lived, Daniel Radcliffe, would always be seen with this attractive tall blonde guy. But most avid fans of Radcliffe know that he is bodyguard Sam who makes sure the actor gets to and from his appointments and events. Sam is always seen escorting Radcliffe, but nothing else is known about his role, let alone any personal information about him. Anyhow, the paparazzi like seeing Sam. And Radcliffe’s avid fans seem to love him, too. For sure, modeling agencies have rushed to give him job offers already, but Sam seems content to just stick around with the actor. He seems very serious with his job to the degree of passing on such great, bright opportunities out there for him.


The German supermodel Heidi Klum used to be escorted and protected by Martin Kirsten, who doesn’t look like just a bodyguard at all. If you look closely, Kirsten seems to be a fit made for Hollywood himself. Like he is another creditable star for the Fast and Furious or something. Klum couldn’t have picked anyone better for the job, as Kirsten has succeeded in doing so for his time. However, he has left the position already and worked to protect the wildlife instead. Would Kirsten reconsider to be employed with Klum again? Especially now, that paparazzi seems to have taken more interest with Klum’s children, as of late. Seeing him back in the photos would make fans happy, you know!


Beyoncé Knowles’ bodyguard Julius De Boer is also the paparazzi’s favorite good shot. Being Beyoncé’s bodyguard will require a lot of stamina, as both paparazzi and fans can get to some degree of crazy whenever Queen B is out and about in public. For quite a while now, De Boer has succeeded in keeping B fuss-free and safe from point to point. While many of us know and see him as all muscle and looks, some don’t know that De Boer can speak five languages too – making him the perfect bodyguard to take around the world. To top off the list of impressive things about him, he has recently started his own bodyguard company and established his company’s offices in New York, Abu-Dhabi, and London. Wow.


Whether you’re Adele’s fan or Lady Gaga’s Little Monster, you’ll see them once or more than twice escorted by former Dutch policeman, Peter Van der Veen, in important appearances and events in their career. Sometimes, there comes a time when fans, even the paparazzi, shift their undivided attention to this already crowd favorite bodyguard. Details about Van der Veen include him crowned as 2005 Mister Europe for a prestigious bodybuilding contest. He also worked as a policeman for many years after finally deciding to take his job to more focused police work for celebrities. Since then, he has been a valuable security detail way better than any home security system in the famous life of stars like Adele and Lady Gaga.


The former Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie was seen last 2017 with this big security guy in Rio, Brazil. What made this a juicy info was that at this time, the American singer-songwriter was getting on with a concert in Brazil, just after announcing her breakup from husband, Josh Duhamel. The rapper now has a new protector, and it isn’t her husband who was also seen right about the same time exercising in Los Angeles. Fergie’s new bodyguard is Pascal Duvier, also noted as the former bodyguard of the Kardashian-Jenner family and Katy Perry. He is said to be credited as a master of Judo— and a charismatic one at that! We can say that this may be why he is so famous among celebrities.


2016 Model of the Year Bella Hadid is often seen with this mysterious blue-eyed bodyguard. He seems to divert the cameras’ focus to him as he escorts the supermodel into bars and out from the crowd in every event. As a fashion model’s security detail, he seems to have a knack of dressing for the occasion to the degree that he even made it to fashion magazine headlines. Now that isn’t a surprise as other than being well-dressed, he also looks like a sibling of Jason Statham or Bruce Willis. We agree that this guy is hard to miss in a crowd, especially next to one of the most glamorous Hollywood faces. Even Vogue noticed him for his bod, looks, and style!


The Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence is famous for a reason. Her sunny and playful personality catches a lot of attention and laughs too. But one of the many interesting things about her is her line-up of bodyguards. For many times already, her security service has stolen the show. She’s probably been hardwired only to choose the handsome ones because, after the famous Greg Lenz, his replacements were just as attractive too. Although, we’re sure that she’s safe in all her homes, whether in New York or California because the actress has made sure to invest on top of the line home security system. However, when this influential girl is out and about, security is different, and so far, with the impressive string of bodyguards, we know she’s got standards.


Jenny from the Block singer Jennifer Lopez is famous for many things. She’s recorded singles hitting the Billboard Hot 100 and movies with credit roles that showed quite the talent she has in acting. In 2018, she was included in the list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. And she never stopped being relevant since, be it in music, movies, fashion, or business. All through her success and time out in the crowd, she’s hired bodyguards to ensure her safety and this cool guy, Anthony, is one of them. There have been numerous times when he has stolen the spotlight from J. Lo. And this was all because of his hunky, cool, and movie star-like demeanor. Fun fact: it’s ironic how her husband Alex has, in some instances, been mistaken as her bodyguard!